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Many teachers complain about difficulty in accessing credit, has it happened to you too? So don’t worry, in this guide we talk about the Loan for Teachers and how to get it.

Sometimes a small loan is enough to solve some problems or tasks that arise in the course of life. Sometimes you just want to pay a series of bills and forget about it. This and much more can be done with an loan for teachers. The credit granted by the offers various advantages and benefits that other types of loans can only envy.

Are you curious to know the characteristics of this type of loan? Then don’t miss the rest of this guide dedicated to you by Mr. Hyde’s experts.

Loans for teachers 2018

Loans for teachers 2018

Now that we are in 2018, things have changed a little, but the state has always provided forms of financing for its teachers. As early as 1947 there was an institution called ENAM (National Organization for Magistral Assistance) dedicated to these purposes.

Then when was born it incorporated ENAM’s functions and then finally in 2012 INPS also absorbed ‘s functions, but the services and loans granted to teachers and other categories remained.

As we said, the former loans are aimed precisely at public and state employees and are excellent for satisfying a wide range of needs.

We speak immediately of a prerequisite without which even if you are a teacher you could not have access to credit.

You must be registered with the INPS Credit Fund. This is the branch that deals specifically with credit and social services.

The and the Little Teacher Loan

The and the Little Teacher Loan

So we come to talk about the first form of loan you can access if you are a teacher. This is the Small Loan, reserved for those who are registered with the Unitary Assignment for credit and social services.

If you need a loan, even a small one, this is the most suitable type of loan for you. The sum obtained can be returned in a maximum of 48 installments, or 4 years.

The advantage of the Piccolo Loan is the fact that the rate remains fixed and is facilitated compared to the one granted by the banks. At 4.25 %, we only need to add administrative costs (+ 0.50%).

Multi-year Loans

Multi-year Loans

Then there is another type of loan: multi-year financing. This loan can also be granted to teachers and allows access to more important credit for specific purposes such as:

  • Your own marriage
  • Health protection
  • Renovation of the house

Only employees who are enrolled in the Unit Management can obtain the loan, even if this is used for the marriage or the home of the child, a very interested aspect.

These loans can have a minimum duration of 60 months and a maximum of 120, but they have a really low rate, equal to 3.50% for the entire duration of the loan.

Fifth assignments for teachers

Fifth assignments for teachers

If you are a lecturer, you can also find the salary-back tax formula very interesting.

The assignment of the fifth is a type of loan which is easy to access because the only guarantee required is precisely that of having a salary from which the institution can withdraw the monthly payment automatically at each maturity.

The advantage is that you can apply for this loan even if you have a history of bad payers. This is the consequence of the fact that the withdrawal is directed to your paycheck.

The salary assignment provides for an installment of up to 20% of the total amount of what you receive each month.

mortgages for teachers

mortgages for teachers

Do you need to buy a house? Here too the or the former can help you if you prefer. In fact, there is a loan designed specifically for this purpose and called Inps Mortgage Loan.

The prerequisite for accessing this credit is always to be enrolled in the Unit Management of credit performance for at least 12 months.

Being a mortgage the amount that can be requested is really high, but there is a maximum of 300,000 euros. Beyond this figure, they are granted separately up to a maximum of 6000 euros to cover non-compulsory insurance costs.

The mortgage can only be used to purchase the first home.

The customer can choose the fixed or variable rate formula. If I had to choose the fixed rate this would be 2.95%.

In the case of a variable rate mortgage, it all depends on the 6-month Bankate data. The loan cannot be requested at any time of the year. You will need to stick to these dates:

  • 1 – 10 January
  • 1 – 10 May
  • 1 – 10 September

To find out all the details of the type of loan chosen, simply go to the website in the appropriate section “Simulation of small loans and multi-year loans”. From what has been said it can be inferred that the loans for teachers can be the right solution to meet many needs, also because they have much lower rates than the bank ones.


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